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Business Owners Info


If your a business owner in our response area make sure you check on the links below. 


Contact Ray County 911 to ensure business hours, after business hours, and all contact information is correct in cad.  This information will be used if we respond to an incident after hours at your business to contact you.  You may also come to the fire station to fill out a form so this information can be sent to the dispatch center and placed on the CAD system for reference.  Ray County 911 will have the information available for Fire/Police/EMS if needed to make contact with the responsible and not used for any other information.


KNOX BOX INFORMATION-Required by Fire District Ordinance for all new business or existing business.

Knox Box is a commercial key safe mounted on the exterior of a building to allow Firefighters access to the building if needed without forcing entry into the building.  The Knox Box is only used when alarms or calls of service come in for your place of business after hours.  The Knox Box is a secure safe that is small in size and can be mounted on the exterior of the building, flush mounted on the building, or a padlock access.  The link below will allow you to view the different styles of Knox Box items available.  Any new business going in the district is required to install the Knox box per ordinance.  Any business already active is not required but encouraged to install as well.  The Knox box cost less than a door or window replacement if we have to gain access and find out there was nothing wrong.  It will allow us in to check out the property and secure it before we leave or wait for your arrival.  The Knox Box is mounted near the front entrance of the building and can be installed by anyone.  To place an order you will need to come to the fire station to get an official order form so the box can be keyed to our Fire Dept code.  This key is NOT shared with other agencies or departments and is used by the Fire Dept only.







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