Junior Firefighters (Cadet Program)

Wood Heights Fire currently has a junior firefighter program for kid’s ages 14 yrs to 18 yrs old.  The program is to help kids learn the firefighting tasks, EMS tasks, encourage kids to work with others, promote self discipline, and the chance to advance in the field upon turning 18 and graduating from school.  All junior firefighters must maintain a C average during school or they will be placed on suspension from ALL fire department training and not allowed to respond on calls.  School is the junior’s first priority and this is stressed to them upon signing onto the program. Parental permission is required for junior firefighters to join the program with the fire department.


Junior Firefighter Officers

Unfilled currently


* Basic Firefighter Tasks

* Assist On scene with multiple tasks

* Changing Air bottles

* Keeping track of hand tools

* Assist setting up equipment on scenes

* Assist with rehab of firefighters

* Pulling fire hose

* Hooking supply line to fire hydrants

* Fighting small fires (Dumpsters, grass fires, hay bales, etc...)

* After runs on trucks

* Placing equipment back into service after calls

* Station Duties

* Assist Auxiliary in fund raisers

* Various other tasks

Junior firefighters are expected to abide by the same rules as volunteer fireman.  NO junior firefighter will be allowed to drive apparatus at any time nor be allowed to have an emergency light &/or siren in their vehicle.  All Juniors called out will respond in a safe non emergency manner to the station and await orders from the incident commander.  Grade reports are pulled on a monthly basis from the school on students.

Junior firefighters are allowed to report on departments normal meeting days and will also be invited to special trainings as well.  Junior firefighters will meet 1X a month on a Saturday afternoon.  The training meeting will be mandatory for junior firefighters unless prior notification to a senior officer.


If interested in becoming a cadet click here


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