All personnel the department are volunteers and serve the public at no cost to them.  The department does not currently employee any full time or part time employees.  All department members are volunteer and donate their time to the service area.  The department provides on the job and off site training to the members.  Some members choose to get off site training at their own cost.  The department’s staff from the Chief, Asst. Chief, Captains, Lieutenants, and Firefighters all go through training 2x a month 12 months a year.  We provide services 365 days a year.  Personnel are required to make 2 of the 4 meetings a month to keep up on standards and to enhance their abilities.

Currently the department has:

1 Fire Chief/EMT-B

1 Assistant Chief/EMT-B

1 Captain/Paramedic

1 Lieutenant/FR

10 Firefighter/ EMT-B or First Responders

All members are required to complete a Basic Firefighter & First Responders course within 12 months of joining the department. Classes are paid for by the department.  We also provide outside training opportunities thru MUFRTI and various other organizations. NIMS 100 & 700 are also required and can be obtained online prior to or during 6 month probation.

The department is ALWAYS looking for motivated volunteers to apply.  Interested volunteers will undergo an officer meeting, attend training classes, be voted on, and offered classes if accepted onto the department.  Total time from application process till voted on department is 90-180 days of probation.  Department personnel are expected to abide by the fire departments zero tolerance for drug and alcohol use at the fire station and on emergency scenes.  The fire department has a zero tolerance for drug use and we do complete drug testing for enrollment as well as random testing without any notice to personnel.  Applications are available at the station in the mailbox outside by the front entrance door.  Feel free to help yourself to an application and contact us via phone/email and we will schedule a time to meet with you personally when you return the application.

Lee ODell-Fire Chief

Joe Cline- Asst Chief 

Austin Brittingham-Captain/Paramedic

TJ Curry- Lieutenant/FR

Kurtis Willimetz-FF/EMT-B

Josh Brown-FF/FR

Kyle Montgomery- FF/FR

Garron Grass- FF/FR

Brian VanTill-Proby FF/EMT-B

Nathan Davis- Proby FF/EMT-B

Isaac Jones- Proby FF

Alex Eary- Proby FF

Danny Winfree- Proby FF/FR

Trent Krier- FF/FR


Diane Teegarden- Secretary

Josh Brown- Board President

Dan Collins- Board Director

Bobby Bunch- Board Director